Welcome to DPR Owerri Coop

The DPR Owerri Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited is a financial institution organized under the laws of Nigeria. We provide financial and technical assistance to eligible cooperative members. whose voting stake can only be owned by its members or those eligible to become its members.

A cooperative enterprise is an organization which is owned by its members and which is engaged in producing or furnishing goods, services, or facilities for the benefit of its members or voting stakeholders who are the ultimate consumers or primary producers of such goods, services, or facilities is structured as a cooperative institution.

Our Best Services

Loans Scheme

We are committed to the security of your money and to provide you with loans at competitively low rates, no hidden charges.

Savings Scheme

Keeping your money safe is our business; Trust is our currency.

Housing Projects

We are investing massively into real estate to bring you total, world-class housing services. Our promise to deliver the future to you is what is driving us.

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